Here's what they're saying about TASA

"On our Project we have a large group of Supervisors all from different organisations, STEP
(PEP) aligned our Supervisors to the expected Prestart quality and provided them the tools and
training to execute. The review process enabled Supervisors to receive feedback on their
strengths and opportunities providing an area for them to focus on.

The program is good, relevant and certainly needed and of benefit"

Ben - Marine Team Construction Manager

"You empowered us to deliver in a way to keep the interest of the
staff listening to what was being delivered to the both verbally and physically"

Shane - Electrical Construction Manager

"Your STEP Training gave me the confidence and showed me methods on how to engage the with the
crew at pre starts, rather than just read out the daily information.

I now look forward coming to work and writing up the pre-starts and delivering them with confidence by
engaging the crew and asking them questions

Because of this I no longer have crew coming up to me straight after pre-start asking me what they are
doing for the day, so thank you"

Daniel - Supervisor - Maritime Works

"I had this guy come in and do this program. The prestarts on site became markedly

Philip - Senior Safety Advisor

"What did I get out of your Step Training? The way you influenced people to loose their inhibitions and
express themselves in environments that is completely foreign to them, which is quiet an achievement."

Ken - Project Construction Manager/ Safety Manager

"The STEP course that you ran at Hay Point helped me a lot, improved how to get
peoples attention at pre-starts, also assisted with Safe Talks. I think it was a good
course, more so for junior members of staff, lead hands etc.. a valuable course."


"I really enjoy a good presentation and a good presenter as well.

PEP (Presenting Effective Prestarts) from my point of view here at WDW is definitely something that I believe would add value to our site as far as engagement is concerned.

We have tried a number of different presenters that have rotated the opportunity over the past couple of months to get some spice into the Pre Starts and which has limited success, although I do take my hat off to these up and coming leading hands / potential Supervisors who are stepping up in their responsibilities within leadership roles within this industry.

To cut to the chase and without being biased...Jim Hall as a trainer is excellent. I believe that a session with Jim can improve some of our key personnel in the way they communicate to a construction crew forum.  Public speaking and engaging people is a great skill to have there’s no doubt about it.

If we can assist our key team leaders with these attributes and give them an opportunity to learn a few tricks to the trade to present effectively then it’s a win win for the site overall."