About TASA


At TASA, we draw upon over 40 years of knowledge and experience. We aim to provide Training, Assessment, Advisory and Safety services and solutions for people and plant. We have experience within the following industry sectors:

  • Construction (Civil and Marine)
  • Piling, Foundation and Drilling
  • Mining
  • Gas
  • Earth Moving (Plant Equipment)

Our Involvement

TASA’s involvement in these industries is providing:

  • Leadership Training and Mentioning Solutions
  • An online Learning and Communications Hub (ASKME) – which maximise convenience and minimises cost
  • Competency checks and assessments (VOC's). These provided both onsite face-to-face and online
  • Providing expertise and documentation solutions for plant and equipment checks and assessments, including hazard risk assessments, daily pre-start checks and full periodic condition reports, plant management plans and registers

If your requirements are not found on this site please contact us for a customised solution that will meet your needs.

Our Philosophy

To ensure work is carried out in a safe, planned and productive manner, helping to avoid an injury or even death. If the training and assessment services TASA provides can influence just one person or capture one unsafe condition in an item of plant, then the company was worth founding in the first place.

More About the Founding Director

James has over 40 years of experience in the Diesel Mechanic field, Plant maintenance and Management/ Leadership roles. He graduated as a Diesel Mechanic tradesman in 1976, steadily progressing to supervisory roles and management positions with a number of equipment and construction organisations.

The past 10 years he has been Fly-In – Fly-Out (FIFO) at various remote project sites. The focus during this time has been primarily Piling, Marine, and Civil Construction. He has worked with clients, such as BHP, Rio Tinto and Santos, with responsibilities for the day to day safe and reliable management of all plant and equipment as well as providing supervision and support for work teams onsite.

Specialised in the Piling Industry, James became recognised for expertise in Impact and Vibratory equipment and operational methods. Ice, Junttan, IHC, Dawson, LoDrill, Casagrande, Enteco and Mait. He carries a sound general large diameter drilling knowledge and expertise.

James has also performed a number of roles as Training Coordinator and WHS Advisor on many projects, ensuring ongoing development of skills, safe behaviours, high risk activities, and verified competencies. These included formulation and development of verification formats and training packages where demand dictated. Requirement for these ranged from power tool usage through to Pile top drilling and Anchoring rigs. He also conducted corporate training activities which encouraged the development of skills, such as leadership qualities, improvement of skill base and provided mentoring among those in supervisory roles.

You can find out more about James Hall on LinkedIn and AITD